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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advice to young programmers

Figure out your Goals

- Always aspire doing bigger things in life

- “Viewing promotion path as your career” is a completely wrong goal. If
you are really interested in studying and learning new things, never ever
aspire for being a manager. Managers cannot learn and study...they have
no time. “Company ladder aspiration” is not what should be important for

- You might feel that you want to do certain things which you cannot do till
you become a manager. When you become a manager, you will soon
realize that now you just cannot do anything!

- You will have a great experience as programmers. But if you care for
people and love people, you will never enjoy being a manager...most good
managers are reluctant managers. If you see people as people, you cannot
survive at management level.

- Always aspire for professional greatness. Our profession is very beautiful
because we create abstract models and implement them in reality. There is
a big fun in doing that. We have a profession which allows us to do
creative things and even gives nice salary for that.

- The three biggest mistakes that people usually make are aiming for money,
aiming for promotion and aiming for fame. The moment you get some of
these, you aspire for some more...and then there is no end. I donot mean
that you shouldnot earn money, but you should understand how much money
would satisfy your needs. Bill Clinton might be the richest person
in the world; he is certainly not the happiest. Our lives are far better than
- Find your goal, and do best in the job that you have. Understand that what
is in your pocket doesnot matter...what is in your brain finally matters.
Money and fame donot matter. Knowledge matters.

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