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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bhima's son gadotkach like skleton found photos


  1. No, this is not real.

    How could you think that for even one second?

    But, I shall explain why such a large humanoid cannot exist. It is because of something called the square/cubed law.

    If an organism becomes twice as large in every length vector while maintaining the same physical proportions, certain problems arise.
    You see, his strength - which is determined by the surface area of the cross-section of his muscle tissue - quadruples, or is 'squared'. His physical strength becomes four times as great as when he was half as tall as he is now.
    However, his weight octuples, because his volume increases by the cube of the vector increase. The vector has doubled in length. 2 X 2 X 2 = 8. So, his strength has quadrupled, but his weight has octupled.

    Now, these fake giants appear to have been about TEN times as large as a human being. So, they were a hundred times as large, but a thousand times as heavy.

    Say you are six feet tall and weigh two hundred lbs. Now imagine you suddenly weighed two THOUSAND pounds instead. You would not even be able to stand up - your legs and hips would break under the strain.

    And that is assuming the bodily tissues would behave the same way, proportionally, but that is not a given at all. Consider: A thimblefull of water behaves totally differently than a bucketfull. Materials behave differently.

    This is why land animals cannot become infinitely large. Or sea animals, for that matter.

  2. OOH this stupid new scientists making bull shits like squre cubed this stupids are going to calculate the amount of love,emagination,feels etc.....this could be original rather than not.but about the fucking stupids...what has to say....they will find out aformula even for there affection with their mothers....stupids still believes the biggest stuppid of all time "charles darvin"...."yes.."Monkey" are there grandfathers....but not mine



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