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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how to earn money fron google Adsense


Follow these steps and you will have your website up in no time at all!

1. Unzip the zip files

2. Go into the folder called 'includes'

3. Open the file '' in notepad (not word or an html editor, it must be plain text!)

Change the following settings:

a. $sitename - This is your web site name ie. xyz Inc.
b. $siteurl - This is your website address. ie.
c. $copyinfo - This is the copyright info for your website. ie. xyz Inc.
d. $adsenseid - This is your Google AdSense Publisher ID. Get this from

Additionally, if you want to change to Yahoo! Publisher Network, you need to change the $adtype to 2

You also need to change $amazonid to your amazon affilate code.

Save the file.

Upload the entire folder, including the 'includes' folder to your webserver. Upload all the .php files to your server
as well and the styles.css file, your directory layout on the server should then look like this:


Now go to

Login to Google Sitemaps, and click 'Add Sitemap' then follow the instructions to submit your Google Sitemap.

Your Google Sitemap url will be

That's it! - Now submit your site to other search engines and promote it - your site is now live!
(Please note: Google may show Public Service Ads on your website for the first day or so until it indexes it properly!)

********************* AMAZON DETAILS! *********************

THe following are the correct category entries available for your Amazon product display.
Use the mode between quotes. For instance if your web site is about camping, you would select the mode 'sporting', and use the keyword 'camping'.

Think of the modes as categories, and you will be fine.

Apparel & Accessories = 'apparel'
Baby = 'baby'
Beauty = 'beauty'
Books = 'books'
Camera & Photo = 'photo'
Cell Phones & Service = 'wireless-phones'
Classical Music = 'classical'
Computers = 'pc-hardware'
Computer & Video Games = 'videogames'
DVD = 'dvd'
Electronics = 'electronics'
Gourmet Food = 'gourmet'
Home & Garden = 'garden'
Health & Personal Care = 'hpc'
Jewelry & Watches = 'jewelry'
Kitchen & Housewares = 'kitchen'
Magazine Subscriptions = 'magazines'
Music = 'music'
Musical Instruments = 'mi'
Software = 'software'
Sports & Outdoors = 'sporting'
Tools & Hardware = 'tools'
Toys & Games = 'toys'
VHS = 'vhs'

http://www.googlecashcow/ Copyright 2006

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