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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Visual art means Visible, Art means mixture of new and traditional methods in the area of arts, meaning expressing one’s own emotions, sentiments, feelings in simple and attractive ways. There are various sectors of the art according to its own creativity.
These are:-
Painting Art, Graphics (Print Making), Mural Art, Textile Art.
Applied Art – (Behavioral Art or Commercial Art), Illustration, Animation, Photography, Typography
Printing Art (Offset, Silk Screen, Digital, Solvent)
Plastic Art – (Sculpture)s, Pottery,
History of Art and other subjects related to this subject are studied.
Normally in all the institutions there is a four year course. In the first year all the subjects of Visual Arts or Fine Arts in the institution is taught and this is called as the Foundation Course. After the completion of the first year according to the credits obtained, the three years specialization course is done. This is called B.F.A.(Bachelor in Fine Arts) or B.V.A.(Bachelor in Visual Arts). After the completion of the B.F.A. or B.V.A. if the interest persists in the field or if one wants to study and do new experimentation in this field then one has to go for the two year Post Graduation course which is called as M.F.A. (Master in Fine Arts) or M.V.A.(Master in Visual Arts). Under this course one has to undergo training by registering under any Lecturer, Reader or Professor under the guide-system or system of the institution. After this, one can complete the Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) degree.
After completing B.F.A./B.V.A. from any private or government institution one can join in a school as an art teacher, as a photographer or as a an artist in government offices etc. After completing M.F.A./M.V.A. or Ph.D. one can join in government or private colleges as Lecturers/ Reader/Professors, but this is the common aspect. The main interest lies in independent or self employment.

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