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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beam Telecom Fair Usage Policy .A complete discussion on fair usage policy.Which actually SUCKS...


hi friends

For the last 5 months i am using beam telecom unlimited B-MAX600 plan.They are upgraded this old 256kbps plan to 786kbps plan .But they are not unable to provide me their new speed from the beginning .they won't response to complaints.their call center also worst in the Hyderabad.more over they provide worst services in many areas like sanath nagar ,
Yusufguda,pragathi nagar oho! there are so many areas the list is too long ..all i want to say is please avoid this sucking broadband provider in Hyderabad.

Don't fall for their attractive i am giving some reviews which i taken from different sites

Beam Cable:

Beam Cable is also to be avoided. The email extract below is from a Beam Cable consumer who is thinking of moving away from them:


I stay close to Yusufguda checkpost and I have been using Beam Cable Systems for close to 5 months or so. Initially I found that the service was good (I have 256 kbps unlimited plan - I have never got 256kbps though), but of late the service has deteriorated to such an extent that the downtime is close to 60%. The customer service is also pathetic there is hardly any response. So, I am planning to move to a different service provider who can provide good unlimited downloads package and is reliable. I am sure Hathway is not there in Yusufguda, if you know any other service provider, please let me know. I somehow want to move away from the abysmal service provided by Beam cable. Appreciate you help. Regards


Vinod Palcharla wrote: Hi , My experience with Beam is same in Yousufguda. I have already initiated moving to Tata Indicom (VSNL) broadband connection - should be up today :-) Earlier there was no other alternative to Beam in Yousufguda area. I don't know how good VSNL connection is going to be but hoping for better times than current one. I think they started their coverage of this area since a month now. You can contact Mr. Chary 9848607649 for more details. Rgds,


rajkishore balabadruni wrote:

Hi ,

I am also staying in near yusufguda. I took beam cable 3 motnhs and disconnected due to lot of problems. Right now I am also looking for some good options. I heard tha Iqara & sify are good but still need to find out how good they are in our area... If u come to know abt any information then pls let me know... Thanks,


If you have any ideas or experiences about broadband connection providers (The Good, The Bad,and the Worst ) please leave a comment .

I will get back to you with more information

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