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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Engineers,

Today is the engineer's day, the birthday of the Indian engineering profession late Sir M.Visweswarayya.
Born on September 15,1861 and graduating in Feb 1884 from the Poona College of Science with the first rank, he was straightaway appointed as the Assistant Engineer in the PWD of the Government in Bombay in March 1884 as was the practice of the Government at that time. Let us pay the Bharatha Rathna Engineer Nation Builder Stateman our humble respects and gratitude for what he did to our country.
M. Vishveshwariah (1861-1962) One of the founders of modern India Engineer, Educationist and statesman in the kingdom of Mysore. The National Institute of Technology (NIT, previously REC) at Nagpur (Maharashtra) was named after him as Vishveshwariah Regional College of Engg.(VRCE)

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