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Monday, September 15, 2008

How to increase Adsense CTR

How to increase Adsense CTR

How do I increase my CTR ? Why I am not getting sufficient clicks? Why my earning from adsense is poor though I have got sufficient page impressions? How do I maximize my earning from adsense? – These are the common question asked by not only newbie but so-called adsense gurus also.

What is CTR.? CTR or Click-through rate = the number of clicks that an ad receives / the number of times the ad, ad unit or page is shown. To increase your earning from adsense you have to increase your CTR. High CTR means a higher payment. Now the question is how do I increase our CTR so that we can maximize our adsense earning. If you are able to increase CTR properly, adsense can generate a very large and healthy income for you.

Keyword-rich content

Adsense delivers relevant Ads that are targeted to your site and your site content. So your site should be incorporated with important keywords. The adsense ads are relevant to your site’s topic. If the ads are not relevant to the topic, your visitors will skip to another site without making any click. Write keyword rich content especially for the title and first few lines of the page.

Choosing color

Blending color always perform well. Blend the color of your adsense ads with the back ground color of the content. Thereby you can increase your CTR rate. Because the visitors will think the adsense ads are the parts of the page. The visitors can not discern the ads from the content. If the background color of the page is white then adsense ads should be white.

Placement of Ads

Placement of adsense ads is one of the important factors to increase the CTR. The position of the adsense ads should be in a place from where it can attract the visitors. You may place adsense ads on the top and middle of the site and try to make it as far as possible like a part of the site. If your content is large place the adsense ads in the middle, other wise on the top and in the sidebars.

Using Border less ads

There are different sized and different designed adsense ads. Adsense ads may be with border or without border. Always chose a borderless one. If the adsense ads are borderless the visitors may be deceived and they will consider the ads as the parts of the content and you will get click consequently your CTR will be increased.

Using ad format

Choosing of right format can dramatically change your CTR. Avoid traditional formats. It is proven fact that large rectangles (336X280 and 300X250) square (250X250) are high CTR ad formats. On the other hand skyskapper (120X600) banner (200 X 60) are low CTR formats.

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